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Plain Jane Duffle

Plain Jane Duffle
Product Code: 45
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Price: $195.00

OK, this waterproof duffle is plain! Designed to be simple yet functional, it has no extra pockets or dividers. Its just one big compartment with an encapsulated foam padding on the bottom. Standard with all our bags, all seams are welded, not sewn. Also, the bottom of this bag is coated 840D Junior Ballistics.

As a functional bag, it is completely waterproof and can sit in standing water without leaking. The waterproof zipper is angled across the top for easier access. Two clasp together handles connect across the top and it comes with D-Rings to attach a shoulder strap. That's it...that's all! These duffles might be plain, but they have the same high quality waterproof construction of all our bags.

Color: Blue, Green, Yellow

Size: 12" W x 11" H x 24" D

Price: $195.00


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